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Welcome! Come closer, we don't bite. ♥ Well, not unless asked, at least.

This community is filled with icons and graphics of tam_the_mun, pixiemun, and the_hybrid_mun (florid_icons).

You can join, but only the three of us can post. Most of the time rules will be stated in posts. If they are not, remember this...

☆ Comment when taking an icon (it's always fun to know how many people out there are nabbing which kinds)
☆ Credit whoever made the icon you're taking. In a way, icons are like artwork. Recognition is nice. ♥
☆ Do not try to say that any of the icons created were made by you. That's just mean! ;_;
☆ If you make a request, it isn't promised that it will be answered right away. Your best bet is to wait in hopes that one of us might make a post saying we'll take them. That doesn't mean we will though.
☆ If you find anything in any of our icons or graphics to be offensive, don't complain. The solution is easy - don't look at them. We're not making you. We could always just start making all entries private to us three if the whining becomes too much. Simple as that.
☆ Always be nice~! Nice is good. Nice is very gooood...

~Thank you, you may now return to your previously scheduled programming.